Staff Development Programmes 2016-17

RA001:       Successful School Marketing and Publicity

“Every parent has an opinion of the schools in their area. But what is it based on?”

  • Structure: one full-day workshop for key staff, or half-day session with all staff
  • establishing marketing principles, local context and identifying strengths,
  • communicating the school’s USP, networking, monitoring and developing
  • Result: a unique, school-specific portfolio of marketing strategies

RA002:       Team-Building: Senior Leadership, Faculty and Department

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Succeeding together is teamwork”

  • Structure: one half-day workshop for specific staff groups
  • creating team identity, identifying roles, supporting each other
  • enhancing relations, easing the pressure and celebrating success
  • Result: a range of strategies to develop the performance of staff teams

RA003:       Recruiting and Retaining Students

“Without students; there is no need for teachers, without teachers; there is no need for the school…”

Structure: one full-day workshop for key staff, or half-day session with all staff

  • external recruitment: creating desire, close communication – ‘early and often’
  • internal retention: shared vision, students’ role, intervention and cooperation

Result: techniques to support student recruitment and retention

RA004:       Running Effective Meetings

“I think there needs to be a meeting to set an agenda for more meetings about meetings”

  • Structure: one half-day workshop for specific staff groups
  • planning, structure, methodology and attendance
  • top tips and golden rules, communication, monitoring and evaluation
  • Result: greater effectiveness and positive impact from school meetings

RA005:       Developing Resilient NQTs

“Four out of ten newly qualified teachers quit the profession within a year of qualifying”

  • Structure: one half-day workshop for NQTs and specific staff groups
  • developing positive routines, coping with pressure and managing workload
  • work-life balance, guilt-free down-time and staying fit for purpose
  • Result: NQTs with greater resilience and ability to manage pressure

RA006:       Supporting the Well-Being of your Staff

“60% of employees say they’d be more motivated if their employer took their well-being seriously”

  • Structure: one half-day workshop for all staff, or specific staff groups
  • promoting staff well-being, identifying and tackling the issues, making it work
  • monitoring outcomes, evolving the programme, maintaining focus
  • Result: increased staff effectiveness and improved staff morale

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